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5 Clear Signs Your Skincare Routine Needs A Total Reset

5 Clear Signs Your Skincare Routine Needs A Total Reset

1. Increased Dryness

If your skin has started to feel dry, despite you using your usual moisturiser, then it's time to shake things up. This is a clear signal that your current skincare routine is not delivering the required amount of hydration that your skin is craving.

Fix: You should incorporate super-hydrators in your routine. Ingredients like Hyarurolic Acid and Mosturizer intensely moisturise and replenish your skin from within. Cream of Illumination is brimming with the goodness of these ingredients that promise to deliver happy and healthy skin by meeting your skin’s hydration needs.

2. New Acne Lesions

If you’ve got acne popping up suddenly, it's an indication that the products that were once beneficial, are now drying out your skin. It can also mean that your sebaceous glands are working overtime and this combination of dry skin and excess sebum is breaking you out.


Fix: Give your skin a detox with our Skin Expert - Acne Peptide  It is infused with calming and sebum-absorbing ingredients that soothe bumps, minimize their appearance and reduce inflammation. 

3. Dullness

When your skin starts looking lackluster, it means there’s dead skin build up, lack of exfoliation or insufficient nourishment and your routine needs a brightening boost.


Fix: Use an exfoliating cleanser 1-2 times a week to gently slough off the layer of dead skin cells and dirt. Our Cleanser is enriched with Lactic Acid that resurfaces skin, along with Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin and 7% Ceramide Boosters that lock in moisture. Along with this, you should also include a brightening Vitamin C serum to supercharge your skin with a youthful glow. Our 12% Nano C Extract Skin Expert brightens dull complexion, evens out skin tone, fades dark spots and visibly brightens your skin.

4. Increased Sensitivity

Stinging, burning, skin irritation or peeling are all signs that your skin’s sensitivity has increased and your skin barrier is under attack. It could be because of using multiple exfoliating agents or layering potent actives together.


Fix: Simplify your skincare routine and incorporate soothing skincare products. Hyaluronic Acid B3 B5 and Aloe Vera Extract that restore the skin barrier and offer visibly supple skin from the 1st use itself. The lightweight consistency melts into skin and relieves redness, itchiness, skin irritation and heightening sensitivity.

5. You’re Seeing No Changes

If you've been diligently following your routine but still not seeing the desired results or an improvement in your skin concerns, then it only means that your current regimen needs a revamp. 

Fix: Identify your skincare goals and assess whether your current products and ingredients align with those objectives. If not, consider incorporating products with ingredients known for addressing your specific concerns. For example, your acne-prone or oily skin will love Deep Cleanser, dry or sensitive skin will need the goodness of  Hyaluronic Acid,  dull skin will love the brightening benefits of 12% Nano C Extract and so on.